Who is Going?

You never know who you will run into when you are out at night in Greater Hartford, CT. Most people visit 2 bars or clubs a night to explore a variety of music, people and experience different atmospheres.


Week Night vs Weekend

Most clubs and bars are open both weekdays and weekends. You will find better drink specials usually on weekdays as they are usually slower for number of visitors are lower then the weekends. Weekdays are a great way to have a girls night out or guys night out to be more social able with each other. If your out hunting for a new mate any night can be the night for you to find the match. The nightlife in Connecticut is filled with a vast amount of music styles.

Never Drink and Drive

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The laws are in forced not to make your life miserable. When drinking please make sure you are fully aware of yourself. Even being impaired can cause issues with judging distance. CT State Law is strict and is enforced.

Downtown Hartford vs the area nightlife

Park and walk or drive to suburb clubs
Many enjoy the Downtown Hartford club set up. In a few blocks you can pick a variety of clubs. If you get bored or want to check out another bar you can take a quick walk. Just make sure that you park in a real parking spot. Many of times people park and return to find a ticket or even the car towed as they failed to read the signs. Loading zones, fire hydrants and handicap areas are clearly marked. When you are out in the suburbs it's the fact you do have to drive to your next club or bar. At times this can be just a few blocks or many miles. Suburb bar usually have parking on premise.

Club Dresses

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